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When coffee farmers are treated well, they make better coffee. And when they make better coffee, we get to enjoy it.

At Brickhouse Coffee Roasters, we believe that everyone involved in the coffee supply chain should get a fair share. That means farmers should be rewarded for their hard work as well as consumers who pay for their cup of coffee every morning.

We want to make sure our farmers can make a living doing what they love: harvesting great coffee! That’s why we established a Farmer’s First sourcing policy at Brickhouse Roasters. By selecting and sourcing coffee through direct trade practices, and prioritizing our ‘Farmer First Initiative’ we ensure that the farmers-the ones who work the hardest in the coffee industry- receive more than just a “fair” share.”

But, we also want to make sure that you get to enjoy a superior cup of coffee to what you find on grocery store’s shelves.


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