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Specialty coffee has come a long way in recent years, evolving from a niche market to a mainstream trend. With coffee shops popping up on every corner, it’s no surprise that the industry is constantly evolving and coming up with new and innovative ways to serve up the perfect cup of coffee. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the latest trends in specialty coffee, from single-origin to siphon, and everything in between.

Single-Origin Coffees

Single-origin coffees are becoming increasingly popular among specialty coffee enthusiasts in Indianapolis. These coffees are sourced from a single region, farm, or even a single tree, giving them a unique and distinct flavor profile. The beans are often roasted to bring out their unique characteristics and highlight the flavors of the region. Single-origin coffees are a great way to experience the flavors of different regions and to taste the terroir of the coffee.

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing

Sustainable and ethical sourcing is another trend that’s gaining popularity in the specialty coffee industry. Coffee shops and roasters are focusing on sourcing their coffee from farms and regions that practice sustainable and ethical farming practices. This means that the coffee is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, and the farmers are paid fair prices for their beans. Sustainable and ethical sourcing not only helps the environment, but it also supports the farmers and their families. For example, at Brickhouse Roasters, we strive to promote sustainability by sourcing our coffee directly from a single farm in Honduras. By doing this, we’re able to establish a direct relationship with the farmers, and ensure that the coffee is grown and harvested in an ethical and sustainable manner. Additionally, we roast our coffee in small batches to minimize waste and ensure that our customers receive the freshest possible product. By prioritizing sustainability, we can not only provide our customers with delicious coffee, but also support the communities and ecosystems that make it possible.

Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee

Cold brew and nitro coffee are two of the hottest trends in the specialty coffee industry. Cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period of time, resulting in a smooth and less acidic cup of coffee. Nitro coffee takes cold brew to the next level by infusing it with nitrogen gas, creating a creamy and velvety texture that’s similar to a Guinness beer. These two beverages are perfect for hot summer days and are a great alternative to traditional hot coffee.

Innovative Brewing Techniques

Innovative brewing techniques are another trend in the specialty coffee industry. From the siphon to the aeropress, coffee shops are experimenting with different brewing methods to create unique and interesting flavor profiles. The siphon, for example, uses a vacuum-like process to brew coffee, resulting in a clean and flavorful cup. The aeropress, on the other hand, uses air pressure to extract the coffee flavors, resulting in a strong and full-bodied cup.

Specialty Coffee Brands and Shops

Finally, specialty coffee brands and shops are a trend in and of themselves. With so many coffee shops and roasters popping up around the world, it can be hard to know where to start. Some of our favorite specialty coffee brands and shops include Intelligentsia Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee, and of course, Brickhouse Roasters in Indianapolis. These shops are dedicated to serving up high-quality, delicious coffee while also focusing on sustainable and ethical practices.

In conclusion, the specialty coffee industry is constantly evolving and coming up with new and innovative ways to serve up the perfect cup of coffee. From single-origin to siphon, and everything in between, there are plenty of trends to keep an eye on. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just looking for a delicious cup of joe, be sure to check out some of these specialty coffee trends and shops to experience the latest and greatest in the industry. And if you’re in Indianapolis, be sure to stop by Brickhouse Roasters for a taste of some of the best specialty coffee around.

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