Triple B
Triple B

Triple B


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As one of the world leaders in the trade of quality coffee, one might ask how we could possibly make a brazilian bean any better. The answer: season it in freshly drained bourbon barrels, of course. Though we didn’t exactly pioneer the art of barrel-aged coffee, we have made it our mission to perfect it- and we certainly have something to brag about. Triple B brews with the seductive aromatics of top-shelf bourbon, and fills your cup with a flavorful masterpiece that will make you warm and fuzzy inside.


Quantity: 12 oz bag – Whole Bean

Roast Type: Bold

Origin: Brazil

Process: Washed


*This roast is not available as a subscription at this time




Support 'Farmer First' Coffee

In the commodity chain of the coffee industry, it’s the farmers who end up with the short end of the stick. Our goal is to be missional from bean to cup, and that begins with how we source our green coffee. By selecting and sourcing coffee through direct trade practices, and prioritizing our ‘Farmer First Initiative,’ we ensure that the farmers- the ones who work the hardest in the coffee industry- receive more than just a “fair” share.