Heritage Espresso
Heritage Espresso

Heritage Espresso


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Go ahead and exchange your “strong and bitter” for the rich and decadent rewards of our medium roasted espresso bean.

Though it’s most commonly brewed through a forceful method of extraction, you’re free to enjoy the essence of this adrenaline-pumping wonder however you’d like. Just don’t call it “EX”-presso and expect us not to laugh in your face.

Roast Type: Medium-Bold

Origin: Lempira, Honduras

Farm Coop: Flor del Café

Process: Washed




Support 'Farmer First' Coffee

In the commodity chain of the coffee industry, it’s the farmers who end up with the short end of the stick. Our goal is to be missional from bean to cup, and that begins with how we source our green coffee. By selecting and sourcing coffee through direct trade practices, and prioritizing our ‘Farmer First Initiative,’ we ensure that the farmers- the ones who work the hardest in the coffee industry- receive more than just a “fair” share.