FELLOW Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle


If you think the pursuit of your perfect pour-over is a lonely one, Stagg EKG will be your countertop partner. With variable temperature control and 1200 watts to blast through water at lightning speed, it’s the most advanced kettle ever made. Achieve an excellent coffee with the water temperature and brew time.

Thoughtful Features:

  • Polished cooper with black base
  • Precise gooseneck spout for optimal pour-over flow rate
  • To-the-degree temperature control
  • LCD display
  • 60-minute hold mode
  • Brew stopwatch
  • 0.9 L boiling capacity
  • Multiple colors + wooden handles
  • Free Domestic U.S. Shipping
  • Enjoy either a 1-year standard warranty, or a 2-year warranty if you register your kettle.

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