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For the coffee lover in your life, or for a client that loves coffee, we’ve got a thoughtful gift set that’s sure to delight.

This set includes two bags of Brickhouse coffee, two mugs with the Brickhouse logo, a book that explores the history of coffee, a jar of local honey, a houseplant and ceramic planter, and a wood wick candle.

The book is called “Coffee Lover” and it explores the history of coffee from its ancient beginnings all the way through today’s modern society. It’s not just an interesting read; it’s also educational, so you can learn something new while enjoying your morning cup.

The candle is made with natural beeswax and comes in a beautiful wooden holder that has been stained with walnut oil to give it an earthy feel. The houseplant is also perfect for any home or office—it’ll add some life to any room!

All items have been sourced from small businesses with the majority coming from Central Indiana.  The local shops supported by purchasing these baskets are Brickhouse Coffee, Silver in the City, Grounded Plant & Floral, Metal Honey Foods, Just Pop In, and local artist Skye Smith.



We’re not just roasting coffee, we’re roasting experiences. We want to be part of our customers’ everyday routine, and hope that you’ll journey with us in different settings of your life – whether it’s in the comfort of your own home, at work, or anywhere else that you enjoy coffee.


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