The Beginning

Brickhouse Coffee Co. was birthed out of the Stayton family’s journey as missionaries to Southern Spain where they discovered first hand the challenges missionaries face while serving full time. They also learned the value of community that happens in local cafes and relationships that develop over a cup of coffee. This sparked a vision for what is now Brickhouse. With a desire to bring sustainability through coffee, the Stayton’s hope to provide a model for those in ministry that will provide additional finances where oftentimes raising support is difficult, a vehicle to engage with the local communities where they live, and opportunities to love and serve people. The Stayton’s also realized in developing this model the positive impact that Brickhouse can have in doing coffee with passion, purpose, and people at the heart of their business. This heart of Brickhouse is visible with the coffee farmers in their Farmer First initiative, through personalized wholesale relationships for fresh-roasted beans, within their staff by mentoring and equipping in personal and professional development, and into their local community through service and engagement.


In January 2013, Brickhouse Coffee Co began as Brickhouse Coffee Roasters after The Stayton’s returned to The States from their overseas mission field. With the help of their home church, Horizon Christian Fellowship, they began making this business vision a reality. Brickhouse got its name from the very structure that housed the original roasting workshop, a 1800’s two-story brick house that sits on the church property.  This setting began to establish and exemplify Brickhouse’s identity of vintage, reclaimed, and repurposed style. The acquisition of a refurbished 1912 Royal #5 coffee roaster began to establish Brickhouse’s old world craftsmen approach to roasting coffee beans. Craftsmanship became a foundational brick in the building of this house. Though Brickhouse has moved from its original place of operation, Brickhouse craftsmanship continues to be displayed in the approach to roasting, packaging, and delivery of beans from the new roasting facility. Through the Crafthouse or Mobile Espresso Bar, the Brickhouse Craftsmanship is on display in the preparation, presentation, and atmosphere of their coffee, staff, and bar.


With coffee being the second highest traded commodity in the world, coffee has developed into a product that crosses many cultures, social settings, and economic statuses.  Coffee became a foundational brick in the building of this house. A coffee bean packaged in a bag or made into a cup provides the perfect tool to carry out the vision for Brickhouse. From the farmer’s cultivation of the coffee tree to the handpicked and drying methods of the coffee cherry to the direct trade shipment of coffee beans to the craftsmen roasting style and the hand packaging of Brickhouse to the varying artisan and specialty preparation methods to get a fresh cup, Brickhouse Coffee Co. shares an ever growing passion for coffee and the coffee culture.


With purpose and people at the heart of Brickhouse, community is a foundational brick in the building this house. Establishing and developing personal relationships is the “why” to Brickhouse. For The Stayton’s, family is where community starts. Brickhouse is a family owned and operated business where you will find Jared, Lora, and both of their daughters working and serving alongside one another in the operations of the Roastery, the Crafthouse, and Mobile Espresso events. Community continues in ever growing circles out from that family unit. With business partners, the company staff, wholesale accounts, ministry partners, or Brickhouse guests, there is the purpose to be intentional in every interaction.  Brickhouse also seeks out opportunities to get involved within its local community at various events and outreaches and projects. Brickhouse Coffee Co. desires to come alongside others to help, to equip, and to encourage them in their vision and calling.