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In this age of international travel, we manage to find ourselves in many distant countries. You might worry about being able to get your daily dose of java. Nothing to worry about! There is coffee everywhere. The problem is that the coffee in different countries can look and taste very different from what you are used to. But, that is what travel is all about: discovering new places and learning about different people. Even if they drink their coffee with cheese!


We know how Italians like their coffee: short and strong. Their espresso is now part of cafes around the world. But if you thought that espresso is the favorite way Italians drink coffee, you would be wrong. When they want to treat themselves, they drink affogato. Affogato is espresso over gelato, served in a large ice-cold bowl. You can add bits of biscotti, various nuts, berries, or a dollop of whipped cream. Once you try it, you will be converted.


If you go to Sweden and they offer you a cup of coffee, you might get what they call caffeost or coffee cheese in Swedish. Caffeost is cheese made of milk and cream, made into cubes, and served in a mug of hot coffee. Whatever brand of coffee you like. It is an acquired taste, but if you want to impress a Swedish boy or girl, you better not make a face when you try it for the first time.


If you like to stop by small Mexican cantinas along the road, you probably tried the traditional coffee with piloncillo (unrefined sugar cane). Dark medium ground coffee, pilloncillo, cinnamon stick and orange peel are added to boiling water. The mix is left to steep in a covered pot for about ten minutes. Strain it through French press or a fine strainer and enjoy.

If you want to try making it at home, you can substitute pilloncilo with brown sugar. Skip orange peel if you do not like its slightly bitter flavor.


Colombians grow some of the best coffee in the world and there is no surprise that there is a huge coffee-drinking culture in the country. They start their day with a tinto – a small cup of black coffee, sweetened with panela, a raw sugar found all over Latin America. They do not like their tinto very strong, just sweet and plentiful. They drink tinto throughout the day and even late in the evening.


Irish, of course, drink Irish coffee. You do not have to be Irish to love this wonderful mix of strong brewed coffee that is poured over Irish whiskey sweetened with sugar and topped with whipped cream. You can find Irish coffee in almost all good coffee shops around the world. stopped being Irish a long time ago and become everyone’s favorite alcoholic coffee beverage. It is made by pouring coffee into a tall glass, adding sugar, Irish whiskey and whipped cream.


Coffee is a staple drink in Ethiopia. It’s served at every meal and is a social event in and of itself. The coffee ceremony, k’idu cha, is a time-honored tradition that has been practiced in the country for hundreds of years.

Now you know that are so many different ways people like their coffee, so when you travel, look for small local coffee shops for a special local experience.

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