Coffee is a good friend

Just like a friend, coffee is there when you need it most. Starting your day off right? Coffee is there. Meeting deadlines? Coffee is there. Meeting your sweetheart? Coffee will probably be there too!

We believe that the true power of coffee is community

We got into coffee on our way to bringing people together. Brickhouse Coffee Co. was born out of our family’s journey as missionaries to Southern Spain. We learned the value of community that happens in local cafes and relationships that develop over a cup of coffee.

we roast great coffee without the frills

We don’t need fancy words like “notes” or “palate” or “terroir” to brew a classic cup of coffee with soul – the kind that never goes out of season.

We love bold coffee, sourced with integrity, that’s rich in flavor and is easy to brew, no matter your skills.

We strive to empower coffee farmers


A lot of coffee is sourced through a system called “fair trade.” It’s a system that prioritizes transparency and fair practices between farmers and roasters. But it still leaves a lot out of the picture.

That’s why we’re committed to sourcing our green coffee through direct trade practices, but with a twist: by prioritizing our ‘Farmer First Initiative,’ we ensure that the farmers – the ones who work the hardest in the coffee industry – receive more than just a “fair” share.

The Brickhouse Vision

We’re not just roasting coffee, we’re roasting experiences. We want to be part of our customers’ everyday routine, and hope that you’ll journey with us in different settings of your life – whether in the comfort of your own home, at work, or anywhere else that you enjoy coffee.